Thursday, April 19, 2012


This New York trip is amazing, visiting so many great museums in this short term of time, making me finally begin to feel something.

In these museums, my favorite it MOMA PS1. Too many people in the MOMA that day, so left to PS1 right after finish the Cindy Sherman show there. I really don’t like too many people in the museums or gallery at the same time, because you need to worry about not stepping on other people all the time.

From outside, PS1 is surrounded by a concrete grey wall with a cold feeling. But after watched the video on the first floor “Ki-ai 100”, I began to love this place. I really like this video piece, usually I don’t like video because they often placed in dark space and it’s depressing. But here I like how curator use the space, bright, open, and not confusing. The video self is great, humor, moving and full of positive energy.

Most spaces in PS1 have windows, using a lot of natural lighting. Natural lighting is always changing, different light temperatures can give art pieces different effects and it makes works more interesting in my opinion. It can give you surprise sometimes. This reminds me last month i have an installation in Diego gallery, while one time I went in there in the morning, the sun light through the round window right hit on the installation, it's really interesting and I didn't expect that but really love it.

Other stuffs in the PS1 are also very interesting, the meeting roofless meeting room, the hole on the wall, the sound piece and also the cats piece. They are interesting, meaningful but also I enjoy them a lot while trying to figure it out.

Ruya Qian

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